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G150 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker
G150 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker

G150 Cellular and Satellite GPS Tracker

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The G150 is a rugged and weatherproof GPS/GLONASS powered tracking device well suited for IVMS. Versatile and configurable for multiple Digital and Analog IO. Ideally suited for remote assets intermittently out of Cellular network e.g. mine sites, Oil + Gas, farming etc. Note the G150 has replaced the G120 as of April 2024.

  • Uploads on a 4G Cellular network with (optional) Iridium Satellite*
  • Iridium reporting when out of 4G range.
  • Acts as a Bluetooth Gateway for Sensor monitoring
  • Optional Driver ID with 1-wire iButton, Wiegand or RFID
  • Optional Duress switch to alert remote "emergency" personnel
  • Remote immobilisation
  • Sensor monitoring
  • IP68 Weatherproof for external mounting
  • 24-month warranty
  • Available June 2024

Monthly data hosting required (includes):

  • Full Telstra 4G/5G Cellular coverage
  • Unlimited SIM card data usage - no excess data charges
  • Native Telematics Guru Tracking Platform
  • Unlimited number of Users viewing assets concurrently
  • 30 second Tracking updates 
  • BUSINESS: $18/month Live tracking with history + user customised geofences, alerts, reports.
  • PROFESSIONAL: $22/month Business functionality + Driver ID + Local speed limit lookup.
  • *IRIDIUM: $32/month Professional functionality (excludes Iridium data usage - contact us for more detail)

NO Lock-in Contracts