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Overcoming Employee Objections

“I don’t want to upset the drivers with ‘Big Brother.”

  • Tracking company vehicles is not about distrusting your drivers; it’s a means of controlling costs, improving customer service, business efficiencies, driving standards and revenue for the company.
  • If drivers are still pushing back after it’s presented like this, there’s a reason. Every other business has metrics for their employees to hit, so why should a mobile workforce be any different?

“We know where our guys are and where they are going.”

  • If you’re in the service industry, it’s about improving ETAs for your customers, getting the drivers to job sites faster with a time-stamped record of arrival and departure time at every job site to validate invoices.
  • If you don’t know what’s causing your high fuel costs, tracking your vehicles will reveal the answer. Unnecessary kilometres driven, wasted trips, inefficient trip routing, long idle times, etc.
  • Increased safety! As an employer, you have a duty of care for your employees wellbeing. Long road trips back from customers sites are monitored giving family that added comfort their loved ones are being cared for by their employers.

Note: The best way to see this is by piloting a solution to receive benchmarks of how your fleet is performing.

Reward your drivers for good performance

  • Our fleet management technology stores road data and operational information, so fleet managers can track fleet information and maintain accurate records.
  • Instead of drivers seeing this as an invasion of privacy, they should understand that it is used to recognize safe driving behaviour, provide employee incentives, and improve recognition programs.

If you are doing the right thing by the Employer then you will recognise the benefits of GPS Tracking as an Employee.