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Customer Testimonials

 "Amazing, thank you for that. I have now set up my account, the platform is great – its so easy to use." NA SA

"They have been great and working perfectly." TV TAS

"Thanks. I couldn’t believe they arrived today. Amazing service and support. We have fitted devices in 2 vehicles that will be used this weekend and the process was very simple." TV TAS

"Worked a treat, after moving the ski out of the shed (within 3mins) diags showed GPS update ok and battery 12.5V Appreciate the great support, your knowledge of the product is second to none!!." MD NSW

 "Sounds great, thank you very much for getting back to me. I am going through and setting up some Geofencing at the moment. Everything is going great with the trackers!" MR SA

"They were very effective. Arrived just in time and did exactly what we needed them to do. After our very positive experience, you seemed the natural first point of contact for xxxx crew. From our discussions with him last week I think your platform would be perfectly suited to their needs and budget." TS WA

"Thank you very much for your ongoing support with this and helping us fine tune these for our application. I must say your support has been excellent." JS QLD

"Home of IoT has been of significant value, assisting us with trackers on all our machinery. We had our first theft recently after 6 months of tracking, and were able to provide highly detailed reports to law enforcement which assisted in swift recovery. " E VIC

 "We ended up getting our equipment back which was a good result. Apparently the Police said the rats garage was like a Bunnings!" CT NSW

 "XX from the XXX Detectives. Sorry I didn't get back to you on Monday. It was a long day at court. The accused was found guilty of all charges and will likely be receiving a two year imprisonment. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter it really was greatly appreciated." Reference not disclosed

 "The GPS tracks of all the RWC craft that were used during this search was invaluable to our duty officers and the Police were impressed when they were able to review our search patterns. No argument from me that these should be fitted to every RWC". AM NSW

 "I’ll definitely take another 12 months please. They work well – especially when I change the batteries 😊😊😊." CP NSW

 "Our patrolling season has finished and the trial went very well." AM NSW

 "Yes, they have worked perfect to date. We will probably start offering to our customers in the new year." CD QLD