Telstra 3G Shutdown (31 AUG 2024) - are you prepared (click here)

Telco 3G Shutdown

I have 3G devices. What do I need to do?

Legacy 3G Trackers will not work after the 3G network shuts down. Replacing the device to a 4G/5G future-proofed unit is the logical solution, offering the latest technology, at an affordable price.


Both 4G LTE-M and NB-IoT networks are now formally recognized as 5G technologies, which means the networks, and our LTE-M devices / NB-IoT GPS tracker devices will be supported long after 3G and even 4G network shutdowns.

If you have any brand 3G GPS Tracker, IOTrack are offering discounted device trade-ins on legacy 3G Trackers up until the respective Telco shutdown dates.

Information from Telstra at the following link...

 Our 3G closure in 2024: your questions answered (


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