Smart Water Meter
Smart Water Meter
Smart Water Meter

Smart Water Meter

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The A210-SFX consists of a highly accurate electromagnetic flow sensor, powerful processor and data logging with an integrated Sigfox radio. The water meter has no moving parts and the measurement sensor has a direct electrical interface with the host microprocessor. The integrated digital meter ensures an extremely high level of measurement accuracy, end-to-end data integrity and security.


  • NMI R-49 certified billing meter
  • “Drop-in replacement” for existing DN20 water meter
  • Requires no flow straightening or minimum pipe bend radius to be maintained on install
  • Accurate at all flow rates for the service life of the meter
  • No moving parts means no wear, no jamming and no accuracy degradation
  • Long battery life (>10 years)
  • Compact and robust IP68 enclosure


Low cost monthly subscription for Sigfox network connection and licensed use of NetQ software.